Giftedness Coaching with River

Supportive coaching for Gifted girls and women

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What is Supportive Coaching?

Supportive coaching is an empowering form of life coaching focused on helping you identify challenges and obstacles in your life and working collaboratively to address them by accessing your own strengths, intelligence, and creativity. My specific focus is working with Gifted girls and women ages 12 and up.​

Here are a couple of links that describe Gifted characteristics:

Working with Gifted teens and adults, I use a variety of methods based on what works with each person, but at the core I center self-compassion, curiosity, authentic communication. The most important thing I do is listen. I believe you already have the inner resources you need to overcome difficulties and challenges. There are times we all need help to access our innate abilities to solve problems and thrive. I am grateful to be part of the discovery process.

You can expect that we'll spend some time getting to know each other and talking about what you hope to achieve. As I get to know your unique strengths and challenges, we'll explore different tools to help you understand yourself more deeply and work towards your goals. There is no set timeline for reaching your goals, we'll check in periodically and fine tune as we go, but I'm here to support you along this journey for as long as you need. I ask for a  minimum 3-month commitment if we decide to work together.

With rare exceptions, I offer coaching only online through Zoom or FaceTime.

Examples of things I can help you with: understanding your Giftedness, navigating life transitions (including adolescence, new relationships and breakups, school, friend group changes, etc.), stress and anxiety, grief, communication and boundaries, body image and body acceptance and developing a healthy relationship with food, self-expression, confidence, developing and maintaining healthy relationships with your family, self, and friends.

Things I can't help with: mental health diagnosis and treatment, medication management, substance abuse/addiction treatment, or gender-identity affirmation. I can help with recommendations to licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and treatment centers.

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About River

I am a Eugene, Oregon native with a lifelong moss-and-waterfall addiction. Professionally, I have over 15 years experience working with youth and families as a case manager, parenting coach, direct service provider, professional trainer and mentor, and individual coach. Much of my work has included teaching mindfulness and self-compassion as a tool for self-regulation and personal growth. I am skilled at working with adolescents and I love helping them discover their strengths and talents while building the skills to navigate this unique time of life.

My primary area of focus is working with Gifted young people and adults and supporting them in the challenges associated with this particular type of neurodiversity. In my non-coaching life I am a fiber artist, writer, forager, forest-wanderer, potion-maker, and tiny-bird enthusiast. I live with a bossy cat in a house full of books.